thea: where there's a will there's a way

We have determined that our performance will be on the 8th of may. Today is the 19th of April. I'm not brilliant at math but that gives us about 19 days to finish the script, prep Alice Yard (including some table painting and decoupaging) and rehearse, not to mention finish the mas that i have begun and collected most of the materials for but not yet finished building. And this is in addition to 4 other classes that I am currently finishing up as well.
I know it will get done, it is simply a matter of when. It was my intention to spend the better part of this weekend in Alice Yard, working. However I failed to remember that Alice Yard has the misfortune to be located in Port of Spain, a part of the country that has been all but shut down since Thursday. I was informed that it would be silly to even try to get near Aripita. So I lost this weekend. I will attempt to make that up during the week, spending evenings after class there if possible so come by and look for me if you want to see me working frantically to pin plastic bottle labels together (that's all I'll say, I wouldn't want to give away too much).
Speaking of which, you may have noticed that I have stopped posting pictures to Flickr. This is because I am no longer concerned with the actual objects but more so with what I can make them do. This change has two roots: 1) Haben has to actually wear the result which was not originally part of the plan. To that end, the "sculpture" must be practical, light, and fulfill certain physical requirements. 2) after the cleaning lady threw out all my original stuff and my plan changed, I was inspired to treat the objects less as individual bits and more as part of a whole. It is now less about the scavenging and more about the artistic result. Will that work? I don't know. Come be the judge in 19 days.


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