thea: home stretch

dear reader,
whether you've been following our blog since we began or are just here to check us out pre-performance, I just want to say, thanks. As Hab and I wrap up, finalize, hammer out details and generally near the finish line we realize how much we appreciate the support and encouragement of our mentors, our friends and the artists who have taken time out of their busy lives to speak with us, influence us, and impart precious knowledge to us. We would not be where we are now without you.

today we had a rehearsal/brainstorm during which we went over details, finalized our script, and staged our performance. We had a lady open second story door over looking the yard and give Haben a standing ovation after she belted out her song. Paul came by and gave us some encouragement (and helped me undo a problematic screw). Susan Nunez came around and we grabbed lunch and shot the shit. Chris, as always, gave creative critisism that both frustrated us and pushed us in new and better directions. Chris, you have been an absolutely invaluable resource. We would not be where we are with out your constant pushing and prodding, your challenges and your expanding of our artistic and intellectual horizons. You know by now how to push our (specifically my) buttons and aggravate us, and we by now know that you do it with the purest of intentions and for the best results.

this is not my final post but close to it. please excuse the cheesiness, its par for the course when the end is in sight.


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