Haben: Meeting with Sean Leonard and Generating New Ideas!

As I predicted, meeting with Sean Leonard from Alice Yard to discuss logistics and lighting for the performance became a mix of explosive ideas and energies. As we approach the finalizations of the project we are experimenting with ways to incorporate guest attendees within the performance. The cocktail party, decorated with a few table treats and invitations into the performance are great ideas. Meaning from the first mingling moment that takes place our audience becomes actors. As the audience members find their place in the yard, whether it is a corner, a table, a room - that space will become a part of the live stage where portions of our blogs reflecting our project process will be read aloud by the audience members. Providing another insight into the creative process and production that most audience members never understand unless a question and answer session is provided.

New ideas as to how we will provide the reading at each table were presented as well. We have decided pasting these blog portions at tables create art pieces outside of the Mother Mas performance and costume. Thus enveloping the audience in the art, where they are constantly surrounded my the message we want to convey through our blogs and the creation of the Mother Mas character. I will draw up a sketch of the layout ( in terms of placement for the blogs etc) after I collaborate with Thea for clear logistics and materials. This will be added to my flickr.

NICE POST ERIN! Im happy you have joined us!


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