thea: my music video debut

Alice Yard is a special place, my favorite in Trinidad and definitely top 10 internationally. From the first time I walked in to the space I knew I had found something important and I have tried to spend as much time there as I could whether I was just liming there with Haben and whoever else came through or working on this project. Simply being there has given me all sorts of cool experiences, meeting awesome artists like Greta Mendez, bands like 12 and 3Canal, and last weekend, I even landed a spot in the music video of Hot Water by Gyazette .
I had been there all day painting tables and chairs for our performance, I was wearing my Jouvey shirt and all in all I must have looked pretty special. But when the band and video crew rolled up they would not let me fade into the back ground, instead pulling me in as an extra. We had a great time, dancing along to Hot Water, which is an awesome song. I met a bunch of the other girls and the band members and a few expressed interest in maybe coming out our show on May 8th. All in all it was a pretty great experience. Sean Leonard seemed to have fun too. He could not get over the fact that a music video was being filmed in the Yard. Apparently this was only the second time this has happened and he was simply delighted.

Moral of this story? Lime in Alice Yard guys, you never know what will come of it, but it will be excellent.


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