Haben: Reclaim It!

Greta Mendez performance is phenomenal- from political commentary to MAYBELLINE- she covers various themes all devoted to the incorporation of the body (her canvas) and globalization. Through this work Mendez reclaims her body from the tyranny of commercialization(despite its aging, its changes and flaws), she uses it fiercely and simultaneously forces her audience to embrace and celebrate her body with her.

Performance artist Greta Mendez
In connection with our own creation Thea and I were both captured by Mendez's use of space in which "taking up space" has been a constant theme throughout our own piece. We exercise this theme of space through our own collection of materials and building of the costume by linking its pieces to the Triniland as well as brainstorming the many ways in which we can take up space at Alice Yard through performance- the many positions we can incorporate both on and off stage like Mendez.
We were inspired to blur the performer versus audience ideal a bit more as well because Mendez's performance was beyond interactive. Interestingly Mendez stated that when she is seen in public/offstage she is in hiding and while peforming I saw an entirely different spirit emerge through her Madame Glo character. Also Mendez shared with us the way in which her character was created( by the tale of Madame D'glou and its link to Trinidadian folklore). Madame Glo was a sight to see indeed. Her costume as well is made of recycled and found art like my Mother Mas character. Both characters providing a sense of transformation and reclamation through movement and vocals. There are several commonalities between our pieces which allowed inspiration to come as strongly as it did.


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