Haben: To reveal a reality not lived by the masses

Interestingly in our last session we met a variety of personalities and art styles from several different acquaintances that came to visit Chris Cozier's studio. It was the perfect mix across geography-talents-ethnicities and works. It showed me the Caribbean interconnectedness that exists among the artworld. This symbolizes the power in relationships whether among artists-activists or what have you.

How can I relate this and several of my experiences to our final presentation? Well for starters my incorporation of social activism and interpersonal relationships within this presentation- via my vocal performance/small painting as as part of the cultural headdress for Mother Mas.(Thus depicting a scenario or conflict I wish to address through community art)

Furthermore I spoke about my concerns for the Trinidadian youth to Sean Leonard- in terms of incorporating them into the use of Alice Yard and somehow extending an invitation to them. Allowing not only the 'elite' to take part in what Alice Yard has to offer but sharing that with the community at large despite generational differences. My piece celebrates activism through a call for social responsibility that every individual must uphold.

To reveal a reality not lived by the masses.


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