Haben:Freeing Up

Our conversation with Sean Leonard sparked a new momentum and focus to our project. The idea to collaborate was strengthened by this and out of that exchange, the idea of live art( specifically the 'quilted skirt' concept was created). Meaning that the creation of a patchwork of experience and understandings, given our observer-student status in Trinidad is what will be represented through this project. Combining 'the trash' with the social issues of this country and the world at large is a cause for dialogue and debate that we also hope to encourage. The concept of playing mas, and incorporating this festival-like vibe can demonstrate the 'freeing up' of ones society(mind, body, spirit, etc). In my daily routine of meeting new people of different personalities I am reminded of the need to keep this project relational, to keep it ‘circling’ among us all in a sense.

Meeting with Susan Nunez and hearing her family stories and how relationships inspire her artwork left an impression on me. In Susan’s share of historic memory with us I was inspired to incorporate vocals as part of this ‘mas’. This is a way to incorporate MYSELF into this freeing up. It was refreshing to see her artwork as well, for someone who has not had extensive art schooling she has developed a style that is all her own. From the choice of color scheme to the chosen screen images- it is all a reflection of her own vibrancy, personality and experience. At the same time her work is relational, people despite geography can understand it. Thus creating a theme that is global, that is relational is most important.


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