thea: and construction begins

Friday I went to Alice Yard with my big bag of "trash". I really just wanted to store stuff there (to prevent future cleaning lady debacles) but once I arrived I took everything out and looked at it. this is what I have:
-the parsed pieces of a store-able Christmas tree which includes 2 wooden dowels, many wire branches (silver and green), green plastic ribbon, nylon thread, the cardboard box it came in
-4 pieces of a mirror frame, plus bits of broken mirror
-1 t-shirt
-1 space blanket
-1 piece cardboard
-1 broken cable wire
-4 PTS leg extenders
-DVD player (which will be broken down for parts)
-1 sailor mas hat
-cardboard mas props (including a quiver with bow and arrows, a shield, a large Huguenot cross, a celtic eternity symbol, and a feathered head band)
-1 pair broken sunglasses
-1 calender
-9 phone cards
-items junk mail

the spirit struck and I began to work with what I had, no tools, tape glue, anything. What I ended up coming up with was a standard for Haben to carry involving the dowels, some green ribbon, and a chain of wire branches twisted into loops. its kind of the first expressed thought that my trash has produced. I don't know if this will even make it into the final piece but it felt good to just do. Just produce something, make it real in a way.


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