Performance and Control

Lately I’ve been thinking about my final project proposal. I have an idea that I’ve been obsessed with, literally. I’ve dreamt about it, sketches of this performance are posted on my walls, I’m writing my lines in my notebook, and it seems that nearly every conversation I have can somehow link back to this idea that I have stewing in my mind.

I’ve been considering the importance of the story of my experience, especially after last class, my first meeting with Mark Lyndersay and with this article that Christopher Cozier recently sent us. The value of my own work and experiences is something that I paradoxically have no issue seeing, and often do not consider.

This, combined with my theatre course with Tony Hall has led to one concept of a performance piece relating my feelings about my own experiences, and with my semester-long focus on security, locks, walls, and boundaries.

I hope that this piece that I’m concocting will speak to more than just me about the ironies of the idea of “security,” and the juxtaposition of being within or outside of boundaries.

However, despite my obsession, I still haven’t entirely figured out all the details in a way that is clear enough to present. Until then, I will also quickly speak to my continued thoughts on valuing experience. I met with Mark Lyndersay last week, for the first time, and while I learned a lot about parametric software’s, multipliers, cataloguing softwares, and copyright information, one clear part of our conversation, in my mind, is his impression of my own value on my work. I had never considered myself self-deprecating, or actively devaluing my photography process. However, that was clearly the tone in which I communicated, and due to this fact, it is something that I have continued to be bothered by, post-meeting.

In this, I am actively considering my inner thoughts on my work, and perhaps comments I make to my fellow photographers, and how I accept (or don’t) compliments on my work. It’s something to think about, that’s for sure.

Also, since one of the issues I broached with Lyndersay had to due with my lack of full control/connection to images, I spent this weekend primarily working at exerting more control over my image process.

This set is a look at the more controlled outcome!


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