A Glimpse into Hindhuism in Trinidad and an Update on the Maxi Project

The past few weeks have afforded us several visit to spiritual places in the Hindhu faith here in Trinidad. The following photo set is of some of those encounters.
As for my Maxi Taxi project, I've started looking for contacts by asking our Maxi driver if he knows (and trusts) anyone enough to let me tag along and interview them and photograph them. I'm still waiting for him to get back to me, but after a long conversation with Mark Lyndersay, I need to acknowledge my anxieties that lead me to want to plan, plan, plan as being indicative that I'm being careful and trying to cover all my bases, but at the end of the day, I really just need to start working on this project immediately. I'm running out of time here, and no matter how much planning I do, if I don't start getting images, I'm not going to have any images (duh). So, tomorrow I've got a date with my roommate to dive right in. We're going to try the priority bus route from Curepe to Trincity first, since that's the route that I noticed the transformers Maxi and the puzzle-piece Maxi several weeks ago. My game plan is to keep my camera in my bag, wait for a Maxi that strikes me as personalized, flag it down, and if possible sit up close by the driver when I get on so I can talk to him a bit. If the Maxi isn't customized, we'll get out at Tunapuna market, and wait for another one. My primary objective, and my goal for this week, is to get images and phone numbers, and to worry about recording interviews with drivers and recording ambient noise from inside the Maxi and outside, at the Maxi stands, later if its possible.

Tune in next week for my progress!


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