A "Brief" Survey

After meeting with Charmaine earlier this week, I felt very encouraged and inspired to begin the project. She explained the typical process the firm undergoes when involved with a design project. From teh brief, to design creations, to deciding on a final practical design, to writing up construction documents, and finally administration of the project, there is a great deal of detail which accompanies the task. Luckily the Program House is already constructed- meaning I only concern myself with the first three steps. The Brief is the most important part because it allows the designer and the client to collaborate, acting as a written agreement of what the client wants and what the designer understands the client wants.

So today I sent out a short survey regarding the program house to the other six members of the group, the program directors, and two previous program participants. I'm hoping to receive responses soon so I may begin to plan out the physical changes for the space. I have to consider flooring, color vibrancy, lighting, organization, actual measurements, practical use of space, and even mosquito control. More importantly, I want the space to still look like it belongs in Trinidad when I am finished. I mean, I am an American student visiting the Caribbean for a few months and have created my own definition of "Caribbean Style" based on the spaces I have been exposed to. An American-Trinidadian fusion of styles based on historical structures and contemporary ideas.

Below is the list of questions I asked my "clients"to consider:

1. What first comes to mind when you hear “Trinity Program House” and how does the phrase make you feel in general about the location?
2. What rooms/areas do you like about the Program House and why?
3. What do you wish you saw/had there?
4. What room(s) are you required to use the most?
5. What room(s) to you find yourself willingly using on your own time?
6. What room/areas need the most work (choose 3) and explain why/how?

a. Classroom
b. Kitchen
c. Balcony
d. Administration Office
e. Bathroom
f. Out front
g. Out back
h. Computer area
i. Chill corner

7. What can be done to make the Program House a generally more effective and attractive space?
8. Would you be willing to physically help with remodeling the Program House in April/May?
9. Any further comments or suggestions regarding this project…..


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