thea: my context

Broke my own rule for this one, it cannot be soaked in baking soda and vinegar because it is paper, but using common sense I figured that it had been dropped recently, there was no obvious infestation of bugs nor any mold growth.
Johnnie Walker is relevant to me because it's my Father's drink and one I have adopted myself. I have memories from my childhood of Dad ordering "Johnnie Walker black on the rocks" in restaurants, long before the taste of it appealed to me. As I grew up, the small sips I would take from his glass slowly grew on me until it became my drink as well and to this day I am inclined to order that if I want a little taste of home.
Because of the Observer Effect, my actions as observer/artist inherently changes the environment that my art participates in. So, I am not only collecting things in an objective manner but subjectively imposing my own perspective, life, and attitudes upon it.
This box bridges that gap, an object like any other but one that is significant to me as a person, not just an artist.


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