Haben: Lecture and Ideas

Friday February 13th I attended a lecture by a current UWI student who presented her thesis proposal titled "Cultural Action as Social Intervention; an investigation of the practice and impact of youth focused interventions using the applied creative arts in Trinidad and Jamaica". I was able to gather some more material and information to further expand my project/options. The creative arts are explained as vehicles for resistance and social commentary, and eventhough the thesis dealt specifically with creative intervention and youth, it was still relevant to the broad scope of my project.

I want to create pieces that reflect what is here, what I feel, what I learn about Trinidad. The more I learn about history, slavery, servitude and action I find more and more material to pull from. As a start Ive put together some photos, some with graphic design and still. I chose these specific photos to be examples of the coloring and texture I want to use for the final piece. Also I have started sketching out a four part piece, incorporating images that come to mind when I think of Trinidad and what Ive learned about its people and issues and beauty. Thus far Ive added a dancer, a joined mapping of Africa and India, barracks, a cityspace(these images will fit together in time) I will also begin reading James Scott's "Domination and the Arts of Resistance" in hopes of sharpening direction and pulling more ideas from reading about resistance, subordination and folk culture thus relating this to Trinidad, its organizations and communities.


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