Haben: The Broken Vase

I find that my inspiration for the project is multi-layered. I stumble upon inspiration and I enjoy its manifestations; I recognize it is a part of my creative process. Ive been writing quotes to freestyle songs, poetry and quotes that I either hear or create. Some sources and influences have been a Hindu pundit, a billboard, contemporary artists for instance. Ive found inspiration for ideas in Thea’s project as well. As we discussed Walcott’s "broken vase" idea I was urged to interlink our pending projects under this concept. The concept of interlinking is important to me, connecting our pieces to location.

Possibly merging some found objects (fabrics, newspapers, etc) along with paints and Romare Bearden influenced collages , all in hopes of creating a piece of social commentary. I also plan on providing a spoken word/vocal piece that further promotes the social awareness I wish to convey. As of now I am gathering some materials, reading and searching works of Romare Bearden, Zsolt Gyarmati and a list of politically/socially conscious writers and singers, across transnational lines, genres and historical moments.

Combining materials from Trinidad (these will be strategically placed but will not make up the majority of the piece produced) will be a challenge. I have never really expanded past flat canvas work but there is something engaging and powerful about live pieces. It provides a texture far stronger than shadowing. To combine a few materials from Trinidad really connects my piece to the land. I understand I am an observing, tourist student and this aspect of my presence here will somehow show itself through my work but nonetheless that interlinking remains relevant to experience, it remains a part of my process, it is my learning.

During a lecture in Festival and Drama Professor Hall stated that it is difficult to commercialize/manipulate mas because its played by location, its tied to land and its people, it cannot be moved from its place. That is what I want to apply to this work or set of works. Difficulty is adjusting to a new slate. For years I have been accustomed to having materials/tools readily available. In Trinidad the search for these will be a process in itself, something worth documenting and keeping track of. This process will be living art in itself. I will keep you posted on changes, twists and the beautiful mishaps.

Below are some links to show the works of Bearden and Gyarmati that I am influenced by:

Romare Bearden

Romare Bearden 1

Romare Bearden
Mecklenburg Autumn
collage & mixed media on masonite
18 x 14 inches

Romare Bearden 2

Zsolt Gyarmati
Our Saviour
Oil Painting on canvas

Zsolt Gyarmati


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