The Journey Begins...

Hello! I am Jeanika, a sophomore, also studying in Trinidad this semester. With the few encounters I've had at Alice Yard, I look forward to many new experiences as we indulge in a colorful, new culture. I am excited about everything this semester has to offer including meeting new people and becoming involved in the developing art community in Trinidad.

Though I am primarily into drawing, photography has recently caught my eye and this adventure abroad is a great way to enhance my observational skills as I learn the ropes of digital photography. Rather than focusing on direct portraits, I like analyzing my surroundings: the plants, industrial development, interior decor/structure in homes, and animals. I like geometric lines and color, though I do admit black and white images have a voice and power of their own. It will be the people living in this new environment who contribute there own "lines" to my work.

Though I am not positive of what my final project will be in the end, I am keeping an open mind to experience every aspect of the culture, including visual and performing arts. It will be a journey to remember. Follow my adventure on flickr


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