Here's to new beginnings

Hello there, all you friendly readers of the Trinity Alice Yard project! I'm Andrea Wise, a third year Studio Arts student, concentrating my studies on photography. I'm incredibly excited to work with Alice Yard, and to experience how the vibe of the space changes from event to event. I will be working primarily with photography, as I've found the lens to be a therapeutic way for me to filter the world around me and process and document my personal development over time. I love stories and I love people, and I love the way that images allow you to tell stories, real or fictitious, and to share a bit of ones experiences with others. This world we live in is such a fascinating and dynamic place and I like to document the art that is life through photography. I've posted my first few photos on my multimedia photography blog, Don't F-Stop and look forward to integrating that blog into my work with Alice Yard over the next semester.



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