Looking Brighter with Buccoo and Bone White

The most recent update is the installation of a new countertop laminate in the kitchen (shown is the old counter during construction). Although it is not the original one I wanted, I am pleased with the quality, color, and price. So thanks to Asia for the labor help, the kitchen is now Buccoo green with cabinets and accents in Bone white. The laminate was the last piece of the installation because half of the wood needed to be replaced due to termite infestation. I love the new, clean look! I think the doorknobs still need to be painted in white to match the counter’s molding and I have begun to organize dishes by sets and color for the open shelves above the counter. Of course, everything takes time and the walls still need a second coat, but things are looking brighter for this room.

Here are some quick chalk pastel drawings I felt inspired to do when trying to balance colors and loosen up about the architectural structure. These are not to scale, of course, but straight from my memory of the spacing and projected color hues. The top image was drawn first and depicts the under-the-staircase nook with kitchen doorway, whereas the lower picture is of the classroom with left exit to the kitchen's second doorway.


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